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Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Collection!

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I was going to hold off a bit on doing this review as I have a bunch of other stuff I've been meaning to review, but this stuff is selling out fast so I want to give you guys my opinions on the things I got so that you can get your orders in in time - though FCS said they'd try and restock before Christmas, they've been so busy with orders that it may not happen so get the stuff you like while you can before it's gone! Here are the things I ordered/won:
This was my first ever Fortune Cookie Soap order. I'd been wanting to try some stuff for so long and never got to it. Plus I'm weary of ordering scents online when I haven't smelled them for myself. When I heard about the Nightmare Before Christmas box, I was too late signing up for it but very happy to know that they'd be releasing the whole collection on their site. The night that they had the launch party for this collection, they held mini giveaways during the live broadcast. I was lucky enough to win a Sugar Scrub and a Whipped Cream (body butter) so I'll talk about those first!

I chose the scent Sally for the Sugar Scrub. On their website it is described as "Fresh breezes fluttering white cotton, dry cracking leaves, held together by twine." To me it smells just like Clean Cotton, the Yankee candle scent, with just a hint of vanilla. It's very clean and fresh smelling.
It doesn't look like it would, but it has a really good grit to it which I like in a body exfoliator - if you're going to exfoliate, you may as well do it right! I like to just use it on a wash cloth in the shower to really exfoliate my elbows and knees - my main problem areas for dry skin - but I've used it a couple times with my knockoff Clarisonic with the body brush head for all-over exfoliating and it works really well that way too! This leaves behind the fresh clean scent on your skin, but it's very light.

For the Whipped Cream Body Butter I chose the scent Zero. Their site describes it as "Ghostly billows of sweet peppermint, with just the faintest whisper of pumpkin." When I smell it I get a slight hint of peppermint and definitely a fall caramel/pumpkin/food type scent. Once you've rubbed it in, the peppermint scent dissipates and you're left with a long-lasting caramel-y goodness smell on your skin.

I am a body butter FANATIC and have to say this is one of the best. Nice and thick, creamy, and melts right into the skin. I also love that it's not greasy, and the scent lingers for a really long time.

I picked up 2 Fortune Cookie Soaps in the scents Jack and Sally. Because to be honest, I really just want these sitting in my bathroom cause they're so damn cute!
This is Sally - the little patch broke off during shipping which is a bummer so I just placed it back on for the picture but it's adorable! Again, has the Clean Cotton scent although this one doesn't have the hint of vanilla to it like the Sugar Scrub does.

Jack is just white with some glitter, and has the little black lines like Jack's mouth has. This scent is described on their site as "notes of iced lemon and airy menthol, warmed by woodland moss and smashed cranberries." I don't really get any cranberry scent from this, but it's definitely lemony with a bit of menthol.

This is a "Hydrate Me" bar in the scent Sandy Claws, which smells like chocolate. Normally not a scent I'd go for but it's pretty likable. The product itself is awesome.
Essentially what it is, is a solid bar that you rub on dry skin after the shower and let it soak in - it's oily and wants to melt in your hand, but boy does it work well! Like I said, my elbows are always dry but get BAD in the winter and I noticed a difference with the first use. It kind of just soaks in and stays all day to help soften your skin. 

This is one of their "OCD Hand Sanitizers" in the Oogie Boogie scent. This is described as "A mix of smushed winter berries against a backdrop of sweet muted cinnamon." This smells AWESOME. And just as it's described - you smell berries right off the bat, and as it dries down you get a very slight hint of cinnamon. 
Though I couldn't get it to float to the side to photograph it, there is a plastic bug inside - which I thought was a great idea, considering Oogie is filled with bugs!

I got a dry shampoo, again in the Jack scent. I've heard a lot of people rave about their dry shampoo - it is a powder, so I was intrigued. You rub it between your hands and work it through the roots of your hair and it refreshes it without leaving it dull and blah like a lot of dry shampoos tend to do. I actually really like this and I'm not the biggest fan of dry shampoos!

Last but not least, I got the Holiday Worlds mini fortune cookie soap set. I figured this was a good way to try out all 4 of the holiday world scents to see if I wanted to order anything else in one of these scents (because they have a TON of products in this collection!!)
You get 4 mini soaps in a little black chinese take-out container, and they are so cute! The orange one is Halloween Town, the brown is Thanksgiving Town, the green is Christmas Town and the pink is Easter Town.
Halloween Town is decribed as "buttery cutout cookie with frosting sprinkles, powdered sugar and a thick smear of sticky bubblegum." To me, this smells kind of citrusy and sweet. Definitely an awesome scent. I don't really get a cookie/sugary scent from it, it's more fruity to me than anything. Like this one a lot.

Thanksgiving Town is described as "brown sugar dusted graham crackers, vanilla frosting, creamy caramel, and plump, juicy raisins." I couldn't pinpoint exactly what this smelled like other than a "fall food type scent" so we'll go with their scent description for this one LOL

Easter Town is described as "an ooey gooey treat of pink sugar with a smear of black licorice." This is hands down my FAVORITE scent and I just ordered the body spray of it. I hate the smell of licorice and do not smell that in this at all. In fact this is more of a light, clean, floral-fruity scent to me. I was not expecting it to smell the way it does and I am totally in love with it!!

Christmas Town is described as "a classic Holiday blend of mulled fruits, followed by a crisp, green Douglas Fir middle-note darkened by warm patchouli, and musk." This is another awesome scent, even though I normally hate anything Christmas-tree scented. It's got slight Christmas tree mixed-with-fruit smells going on and is really pleasant.

All together I am really happy with everything and enjoying it all - I would definitely recommend Easter Town (my favorite), Oogie Boogie, Sally, and Zero. There are SO MANY products in each of the scents that it's hard to choose what to get. Just go with your gut, cause that's what I did and ended up enjoying everything!

You can check out my video on all this stuff here:

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