Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Real Techniques Starter Kit

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This is the Real Techniques Starter Kit. If you need a good quality set of eye brushes, I highly recommend this one! You get 5 brushes, and they're purple which I definitely enjoy - it's fun to have some colorful brushes in my brush holder!

Just like the Core Collection, this set includes a panoramic case that can be used as a stand. Like I said, not very useful if I'm going to be keeping them with the rest of my brushes, but good for travel.

When I first got these brushes, I thought that I wouldn't end up liking any of them because they seemed too big for what they're meant to be used for. But I was definitely wrong!

The base shadow brush is a fluffy brush best used for a wash of color all over the lid, and for blending. I usually don't apply all-over color with a fluffy brush like this, but it's amazing! If you're in a pinch, you can definitely do all of your eyeshadow with this one brush. It does an awesome job blending, which I didn't expect at all.

The deluxe crease brush is another that I thought would be way too big - it's a large, densely packed, rounded brush. I've actually been using it every time I do my makeup because I love it so much! It's great for applying color to your crease and outer corner. I also like to use it for my brow highlight because it blends color out so nicely.

Next is the accent brush - this is the perfect size to smudge color on your lower lash line, and to apply an inner corner highlight. 

The pixel-point eyeliner brush looks way too thick for liner at first glance, but when used with liquid liner it kind of thins out, if that makes any sense. If you use cream or gel liners, this is going to create a bold line. It's also great for details in face paint work.

And last but not least is the brow brush - the bristles at the tip of this one are actually purple! This is perfect for doing my brows, but is a little too thick to use as an angled liner brush. I can usually use brow brushes for liner as well, but that is not the case with this one.

This is definitely a set to check out if you're wanting to try Real Techniques, or you want some great quality eye brushes. I got mine from Kohl's, but they also sell them at Ulta, select Targets, and I've been hearing some Walmarts are carrying them too!

I talk about the brushes here:

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