Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection

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I was going to do one big post on both of the Real Techniques sets I got, but this one is a face set and the other is an eye set, so I figured I would split them up. This is the Core Collection: the brushes are orange and it comes with 4 of them.They come in a case that you can also set up and have it stand, but I'll probably never use it because these are going in my brush holder with the rest of my brushes! It is a good idea if I ever need to travel with them, though.

The first one I'll talk about is the detailer brush. This can be used for concealer or lipstick, though I find it a little bit small for a concealer brush - I usually like mine a little wider than this. For lipstick, it's the perfect size.
Then we have the pointed foundation brush. This is best used with liquid foundation. It works very well to apply and spread foundation evenly and give you good coverage without looking patchy.
The buffing brush is PERFECT for powder foundation and finishing powder. I have been using it to apply my Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation and it works amazing for that!
The contour brush is my new favorite. This, of course, is for contouring and highlighting. The way the bristles taper off at the top makes it the absolute perfect shape to do so. I used to always use a blush brush for my highlight and I would just flatten the bristles a little with my fingers to get them to apply the product where I wanted it - there's no need to do that with this one because it is such a perfect shape!

The names of the brushes are printed on the handles, which is nice.
All of the brushes are extremely soft and easy to clean (I have been using my Blender Cleanser to clean all my brushes as well, and love it for that). They don't shed at all, and have really caused me to put away a ton of cheaper brushes I had that I never use - because these are so nice I'll be using them constantly!

The Real Techniques brushes can now be found at Kohl's, in addition to select Targets and of course, Ulta.

I talk about the brushes here:

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