Friday, October 25, 2013

OCC Lip Tars All-Star Minis

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This is the OCC Lip Tar All-Star Minis 4 piece set (there is a 12 piece set now available as well, that retails for $58). But this one is $20 and I think it's a hell of a steal. This was a total impulse buy for me when I was making an order from Sephora (I was lucky enough to get a friends and family code!) but for being something I bought on a whim, it's fast becoming one of my new favorite products. For one, if you're like me you realize you're never going to go through a full sized tube of Lip Tar. It's impossible. Full sizes are .33 oz and you literally need so little of it that it's going to take forever and a day to use up a tub unless you're a makeup artist that's very busy and uses the same color a lot! These mini tubes are 0.08 oz and that is PLENTY of product when it comes to this stuff. I doubt I'll even go through all of these, but in a smaller size it seems like you are wasting less!

I just want to throw in that I wasn't a huge fan of Lip Tars the first time I tried one - it took me a while to get used to them and once I did, I saw what everyone makes such a big deal over. They really are an amazing lip product. Though they don't last as long as some lipsticks I've tried, they still deliver awesome color payoff and last a decent amount of time.
The set comes with some application instructions on the back, as well as some blending ideas to mix colors. It also comes with one of their mini lip brushes.
Mine arrived broken - the ferrule part is not glued to the wood handle, just kind of stuck on. I'm sure I can glue it myself, and I have other brushes from other Lip Tars, but that was kind of a bummer that it came like that.

Memento is the first color:
This is a gorgeous neutral shade, a pinky-nude color. This is my favorite "everyday wear" type of lipstick color. It goes with just about anything!

NSFW (Not Safe For Work):
If you want a perfect bright red, this is it! I have really been loving reds lately and this one is a new favorite.

This is the type of crazy pink that I love - very bright and out-there. 

Finally, we have Black Dahlia:
This one is a black cherry color - it looks black in the tube but once you apply it, it's more of a very deep berry. It is a challenging color to wear - very dark, so it's not for everyone. You have to take care applying it, as it applies streaky and wants to bleed. It's the only one that I had an issue with out of the set. It's definitely a pretty, deep fall berry shade, but not and every day shade by any means.

I really think this set is completely worth it! If you have been wanting to try Lip Tars and haven't committed yet, this is a way to try out 4 shades at once for 2 dollars more than what you would pay for ONE full size one. Or, if you already love Lip Tars this is a chance to grab 4 more shades! It's a win for everyone! I know the VIB sale is coming up at the beginning of November, so this might be something that you guys might want to add to your cart :)

Check out my first impressions video:

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