Monday, October 21, 2013

Muddy H2O Review

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Today I am reviewing 2 products from MuddyH2O. I will start by saying these were sent to me for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. The products are their Pit Powder for women, and the French Clay Plus Face & Body Mask. (They also sent some stickers along with it!)
The containers remind me of salt and pepper shakers - you can either sprinkle out a little or a lot at a time depending which opening you use. You get 4 oz. in the deodorant and 1.5 in the clay mask, which equals about 10 masks.
A better look at the tops.
The Pit Powder for women (they have one for men too) is REALLY nice. I was intrigued by this because I have been trying to get into natural deodorants but find one that actually WORKS. I've tried a lot, because I always hear things about deodorant and breast cancer being linked, and breast cancer runs in my family so it's a scary thought. But all the natural ones I've tried, never work. I've had a sweating issue since having Aiden, and I'll wake up soaked in the middle of the night, and then feel gross because my armpits stink. I hope this is not TMI! Just want you guys to know where I'm coming from. I also have an issue where I'll get a new deodorant, and a week later it won't work anymore to stop my armpits from having any odor. This has been caused by hormones/being on birth control.

With this deodorant, it lets you sweat but stops odor in its tracks. It's a very finely milled powder (finer than baby powder) that you sprinkle into your palm and rub onto clean, dry skin. 
I was skeptical at first, mostly because it doesn't really have a scent to it (there's a faint citrus smell that I can detect) but let me tell you: the first night I got it, I took a shower, dried off, and used some under my arms. That night I woke up sweating as usual, but in the morning my armpits didn't stink! I have been using it for over a week now and it's still working well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is very skeptical of natural deodorants like I was! They also make one for men, and they have a foot powder too.

The French Clay Plus face mask is another nice product. They actually have several face masks on their website, but I chose the one for all skin types, as I do not have dry skin. With this you are supposed to mix it with water and honey to make a nice little mask. The container makes about 10 masks all together. 
When sprinkled out, it looks just like dry clay.
It also has a little bit of grit to it, which I thought felt nice and helped to exfoliate a little bit as I rubbed it into my skin. It has a scent reminiscent of Lush face products, but not quite as strong.

All you do is leave this on your face for 15 minutes and rinse it off - it makes my face feel SO CLEAN. It sucks up all the oil and makes it feel as if I just deep-cleansed my face with my face wash and face brush. I will say, you might not like it if you have dry skin, but otherwise just make sure you use a good moisturizer after, I can never stress that enough. My oily skin needs a good moisturizer with products that suck all the oils up, just because it makes your skin produce even more oil to compensate for what it lost and it's just a vicious cycle if you don't nip it in the bud!

All in all, I am very happy with these 2 products! You guys can check them out at: 
They have a list of stores you can buy their products at, as well as a list of online retailers here:

You can also view my video review here:

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