Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aiden's First Birthday & Jason Mewes!

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I normally don't do much else on here besides beauty-related stuff, but this weekend was pretty busy and I figured I'd share with you guys!

Aiden's first birthday was yesterday and we did a Sesame Street theme because he loves Cookie Monster to pieces. I got just about everything Sesame Street-related that the party store had! 
I made his cake myself because I love decorating cakes and why not? Although I will forever associate his cake with the day I killed my phone, because I had to make it at my grandma's (our oven is broken right now) and when I was leaving, I put my phone on the top of the car while I put Aiden in his car seat. Well about 5 minutes up the road I heard something hit the back windshield - yeah, my phone. Someone ran over it and it smashed into a million pieces. I had to stop traffic to go in the middle of the highway to get it and...yeah. Hopefully tomorrow means a trip to T-Mobile cause I'm going nuts!
Then, I did cake balls (that were going to be cake pops but they turned out to be too heavy for the sticks) shaped like Oscar, Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. These were a HUGE PAIN to decorate and took me almost all of Friday night to finish,
Big Bird (hardest one to do because I couldn't find the right stuff to coat his candy corn beak!)
Cookie Monster with a cookie dough bite in his mouth
Party favors and stuff, was a bummer that pretty much everyone with kids ended up not coming so I have a bunch of stuff left :( 
Daddy helping Aiden sort his toys - I totally spaced out taking pics of him opening presents!
Aiden checking out some of his haul.
He was a little overwhelmed with so much new stuff to play with at once!
In his jammies for the night...
Our friend Alex had to come over late because of work but he delivered one of Aiden's favorite presents - a Spiderman ball pit! (We clearly need to get another bag of balls haha!)
Posing for me

Then today Stephen, Aiden and I went with my brother to Rock and Shock, which is a horror convention that they hold here in Massachusetts every year. I was excited to meet Sid Haig, one of my favorite horror actors, until we got there and had already missed him. (If you're a horro fan you've seen him in a lot of movies, but probably most notably as Captain Spaulding in House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects - he's my favorite!!) But Jason Mewes was there even though he had only been scheduled for Friday and Saturday, so it kind of made up for it! He was super nice and the only celebrity that was actually coming out from behind his table to talk to everyone. He actually came over to us because he wanted to see Aiden lol! Whoever he was talking to, he was like "oh I'm sorry I have to go see this baby" He asked him if he wanted to hang with him for the rest of the day and Aiden got all excited. And then when we asked for a picture, he took him from me and held him for the picture:
We bought one of the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie posters that Kevin Smith had signed - he was supposed to be at the show on Friday but cancelled :( - and he signed that for me:
And then I just had to get this picture to add to my Captain Spaulding collection:
So that was our weekend, in a nutshell! Sorry to stray from the beauty stuff but I took a break for today! :)

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