Monday, September 9, 2013

Sinful Colors Country Charmer Collection

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I recently picked up 3 new Sinful Colors polishes that were all new to me, and although they were all in the "Country Charmers" display, I don't believe the color Daddy's Girl is supposed to be included in that collection. Maybe the store goofed, but I haven't seen it in this collection anywhere else so I'm not sure. Either way, I have 3 new colors to share with you!
The first is Skylark, a pale peach color. This one immediately caught my eye because I love wearing lighter colors on my nails in the fall (I know, everyone seems to do browns and reds, I go for nudes!) The best part about this one is that it's super opaque! I have a hard time finding nude polishes that only need one or two coats because they're usually very sheer (especially L'Oreal ones!) but this one is pretty great. It still gives you a little bit of color without being totally nude.
I decided to do swatches on my nails so bear with me here! They keep breaking on me lately and look terrible, but I wanted to show you these colors in al their glory. This is 2 coats of Skylark.

Next we have Daddy's Girl:
This is actually a jelly polish, which I wasn't aware of. Jellies were never my favorite polish finish until I learned the awesomeness of the "jelly sandwich!" For those who don't know, that is when you layer a glitter polish in between layers of a jelly polish and since jellies are sheer, the glitter shows through! A very fun look with endless possibilities. But enough of that - Daddy's Girl is a deep violet jelly with purple glitters in it.
This is 3 layers of Daddy's Girl. You can actually get it pretty opaque if you'd rather wear it by itself, but it takes a few coats. Again, ignore my awful nail!

And the last one I picked up is called Rain Song:
This one is so pretty and one that you really need to see in person because the camera can't capture all the colors that it flashes! There is another Sinful Colors polish called Bali Mist that people say this one is quite similar to, but I don't own that one so I can't tell for sure. This is a sheer iridescent lavender that shifts to green, pink, and purple depending on the lighting. Almost like mother of pearl in nail polish form! It also looks awesome layered over a black polish because it really helps pick up all the different colors when it hits the light.
It's hard to capture this color, but here you can see some of the green shift.

There were a few other colors in the Country Charmers collection that looked new but I stuck with these because they were the most unique - I'm still trying to cut back on my nail polish addiction but I always seem to find more colors that I don't have!!

You can see the polishes in this video:

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