Thursday, July 25, 2013

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac

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The new Moondust shadows from Urban Decay have been on my list of things to get for a while now - but I wanted to see them in person because I was never impressed with the old Stardust ones. Zodiac was the color I liked best from seeing online swatches, it just seemed the most unique to me. So after what seemed like months my Sephora finally got them in and I looked at them the last time I was there.
Zodiac is a hard color to explain - it's like a blackened green with loads of gold and purple sparkle. It almost looks like an oil slick. 
When I saw all the colors in person and swatched them, this was definitely the prettiest one! And there was only one left of this color so it must be a popular one!

There's so much dimension to it when you see it in person, especially when it's on the eyes. It flashes purple, green, gold - so pretty! And these are far, far better than the old Stardust formula - those were dry and not very pigmented. I would swatch them whenever I was at Sephora or Ulta, and they just didn't seem like Urban Decay quality. I ended up getting Bobby Dazzle when Hautelook had it on sale, and I use it as a glitter overcoat over other shadows because that's really all it is - a glitter.

These Moondust ones are crazy pigmented compared to those, and they apply a lot easier and smoother. The best part is, you get a ton of glitter/sparkle with these and don't have to worry about glitter fallout like with a lot of the old formula UD shadows!

I show the shadow in this video:

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  1. This looks super pigmented! Urban Decay do the best eye shadows! Nice post1

    Lorraine xx