Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation

This is probably my most-requested review to date. I was so excited when I heard the Kat Von D line was coming out with a powder foundation, because I'm not too familiar with them. I had one ages and ages ago, when I was still in high school, I think it was by L'Oreal and they don't even make it anymore - but that's besides the point.
First off, the packaging: gorgeous!! The compact in black with white roses around the edges and a silver "KVD" insignia in the center.
When you open it up, there's a nice mirror, and the product itself is in a silver pan. I got this in the shade Light 44 because that is the shade that matched me perfectly in her liquid foundation. Since I had to order this and couldn't test them out in the store (my Sephora doesn't have them yet), I figured that would also be my best match!
When you open the second layer, there is a nice sponge and yep - another mirror!

So now, let me sing its praises.

This is NOT a setting powder/face powder. It is truly a foundation. It gives excellent coverage for being a powder product. Pretty amazing, in fact. There are some tips to applying it - the sponge it comes with works pretty well, but I don't particularly enjoy that method of application. I tried my Real Techniques stippling brush, but that just tore up the product because it's so soft and the bristles on that brush are kind of uneven and spiky. My e.l.f. powder brush didn't pick up enough product so that was a no-go too. I finally used my Eco Tools travel kabuki (I think that's what it's called?!) At any rate, it's a densely packed brush that picks up a perfect amount of product and allows you to buff it in evenly. That is my brush of choice for applying this product.
This is with one swipe of my finger - sorry it's a bit blurry but you can see just how pigmented it is!

This foundation is an absolute new-found love of mine. Like her liquid foundation, it's great for oily skin. It kept me matte all day long even with this disgusting heat wave we've been having! It covers redness really well and makes my skin look flawless. The best part about it is that it doesn't feel - or look- like you have anything on your face!! It also doesn't transfer, just like her liquid foundation. It is basically the powder form of the liquid!

I find that using this cuts down my makeup application time - all I need to do is buff some of this into my skin and my foundation is done, instead of messing with the liquid and the Beauty Blender, and then cleaning the Beauty Blender lol. That is GREAT for when I'm pressed for time, or even in the summer when it's hot like it has been and I don't feel like doing a lot.

All in all I have reeeeeally been enjoying this and would recommend it to anyone, especially those with oily skin!

Just for a look, here is how smooth and flawless it makes my skin:

See my demo using this foundation here:


  1. AAAHHH!!! thank you !!! i would love to see it swatched..

    1. I just added the pictures of it on my face, I totally forgot to put them in lol! I also filmed a demo/review I hope to have up soon :)