Monday, July 8, 2013

Beautifully Disney Lipgloss: Soul Survivor

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I am one of those people that is very bitter about the MAC Villains collection not including Ursula. How could they NOT have her in there? They could have had such awesome products for her and I would have bought every one of them! So when I saw that Disney was selling makeup now, and there was a lip gloss with Ursula on it, I had to get it. 

There are several other characters that have lip gloss shades, but this is the only one I picked up. It's called Soul Survivor and is a deep berry color. It looks darker in the tube than it turns out on the lips, but it is pretty buildable. I don't normally wear dark colors like this so it's a safe one for me!

The top of the wand has a little seashell design!

The applicator is just a standard doe foot.

You can see it has a VERY slight shimmer, it doesn't even show up on the lips.

It pretty much just gives the lips a hint of color when you put it on sheer. Like I said, you can build it up! It has no scent at all to it so that will be good for anyone sensitive to smells :)

These are sold at the Disney Store but I was reluctant to pay $14.99 for a lip gloss that I didn't know the quality of, so I ended up getting it off eBay for slightly cheaper. There are 2 eyeshadow palettes as well that cost $30 but they were both pretty neutral colors and I really don't think I need more neutral shadows! 

I was, however, really impressed with the quality of this gloss! It's pretty thick, but not at all sticky. And it's very moisturizing, which I love! The moisture lasts on your lips for a long time. The best thing I can compare this to would be the new Revlon Super Lustrous glosses, and the Almay Liquid Lip Balms. It has the same moisturizing, nice feeling as those.

I talk about the lip gloss in this video:

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