Monday, June 10, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish - Razzleberry and Bubble Plum

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I finally came across these! I grabbed the two that seemed most unique, as I have way too many bottles of nail polish right now and going through my collection makes me realize how impulsive I am. I seriously had 3 of the same Sinful Colors polish the last time I cleaned it out! So these two stuck out to me. Razzleberry is a bright blue and Bubble Plum is a pastel purple.
Here is Razzleberry - I swatched them on french tip nails so that's what that line is lol!
I've finally gotten used to the feel of textured polishes on my nails. Unlike the Julie G ones, these are matte. No glitter what-so-ever. I think I like the glittery ones a little bit better, but these still look cool. They dry extremely fast and definitely leave a "sugary" texture. As with the other textured polishes, these look best when you don't use a topcoat. That's kind of a downside because of the fact that these chip easily, but they're also very easy to touch up because you can't tell if it's messy with all the texture! Now let's take a look at Bubble Plum:
Pretty, right? I love these two colors! I think there were 8 to choose from all together and they should be about $5.99 depending where you buy them. Hold out for a sale - they usually have buy one get one half on Sally Hansen at the drug stores!

I mention these in this video:

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