Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Polishes

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I was soooo excited to finally find these babies. The best way to describe them is like a tiny bar glitter, only not glittery, and they are suspended in clear polish. I bought 4 colors:
Wool Light (Baby Pink)
Peach Fuzz (Orange and Yellow)
Fuzz-Sea (Lime Green and Aqua)
Wool Knot (Aqua and White)

Here is Wool Light:
I swatched all of these on french manicure nails because I didn't have any others. You can tell it's kind of thickly applied - that's because you need quite a few coats of this stuff. If you apply it over a solid color, the effect is much better and it looks cooler!

Peach Fuzz:
I had to get this one because it reminded me of The Lorax - yellow and orange!

This is probably my favorite out of the 4 that I got. I can't wait to put this over a baby blue or lime green polish!

This one is really pretty too!

Though I'm not sure why they call them "fuzzy," they still give a pretty cool effect and are new to the whole "textured polish" scene. Like I said, you do need quite a few coats of it which can make it look thick, but 2 coats layered over a solid color nail polish makes all the difference. These are definitely more of a topcoat thing than a wear-alone nail polish. They need to invent one that truly dries "fuzzy," and looks like fur - that would be something!!

I talk about these in this video:

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