Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Collection

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I reviewed the original Baby Lips on my YouTube channel back when they first came out and I was not a fan. I know that's blasphemous in the beauty community because everyone seems to love them but for me it was a scent issue. They smelled really nice but after applying them I got a perfume after-taste on my lips and I can't stand when lip products do that to me! I figured with fruity scents they wouldn't, but I guess not. So I don't know what posessed me to try the new Electro ones, but I'm glad I did!

I picked up Pink Shock and Berry Bomb. 

Pink Shock has a fruit punch scent to it and it's gorgeous. It doesn't have the perfumey after taste! And this one is actually really pigmented (the ones I tried from the original line were just clear). The color doesn't last all that long but it is really nice. 

And here is Berry Bomb, the second one I picked up after enjoying Pink Shock:
This one smells like the fruit punch Bubblicious or Bubble Yum gum that used to be around (don't know if they still make it!) but it smells amazing! Again, no perfume after taste. This one isn't as pigmented but you can build it on your lips to give a sheer tint of color. 

I am glad that I tried these out because I really liked the moisture the original ones gave my lips - just couldn't stand them! So these are great, I am very happy with them and happy I got to give the Bably Lips a second chance haha!

I talk about "Pink Pop" in this video:
 And Berry Bomb here:

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