Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Starbox

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This months' box marks the 1-year anniversary of Starbox. It is plain white with black print, very classy looking!
The inside of the box sticks with that same black and white theme. Let's take a peek at what products were sent this month:

The first thing is a peace sign pin:
Kind of random, but I'll stick it on a bag or something I'm sure.

The next thing is one of their eyeliner pencils in White. Retail: $12
It's a very pigmented bright white, often times it's hard to find a white pencil that is actually a bright white. This one is really nice and glides on great as well.

Next in the box is a Precision Eye Pen. Retail: $16
The packaging is very thin and travel-friendly.
You can get a pretty precise line with this - the tip is a felt tip but it's very flexible and easy to work with. 
It is also quite black which I like, it's not a watered-down version of black like a lot of liquid liners can be.
The only letdown of this is that no matter how long you let it set for, if you touch it it will smear. That's not a huge problem because you obviously don't touch your eye makeup after it's done, but it's clearly not smudge-proof like it claims on the information card that came with it.

The last thing in the box is a bronzer in the color Montego Bay. Retail: $19
This is huge - you get a lot of product and it has a nice mirror inside the compact. It is a tad darker than I'm used to for bronzers, but it's such a pretty color I may just get a tan this year so that I can use it more!
This is just a light swatch: it is VERY pigmented. It has a lot of shimmer to it as well so if you're more of a matte bronzer person I'd stay away from this one. I usually go more for matte bronzers because I use highlighters so much, but I really do like this one!

See my first impressions video here:

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