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Beauty Bridge Review: Pop Beauty Bare Texture Palette

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*This product was sent for review purposes from Beauty Bridge. All opinions are my own.
You can buy the palette HERE!

Today I'm going to talk about a nifty little palette I recently received to review for you guys from Beauty Bridge. Beauty Bridge is a cosmetics website that sells allllll different brands from Too Faced to YSL. There's a huge selection of stuff to choose from, you can seriously spend hours just browsing the site!

This palette is from Pop Beauty and it's called the Bare Texture Palette. It features 39 different shades of eyeshadow and comes with a sample of their Eye Magnet Primer, along with a double-ended travel size brush.
The primer is really nice. It's got a beige tint to it, but that of course doesn't show once the shadow is on top of it. It lasts all day for me without creasing so that is a huge plus!
And here is the brush - one end is a flat shadow applicator and the other end is a flat liner brush. Not a whole lot you can do with this, but for a little travel brush like this it is pretty soft!
I figured the easiest way to show you guys swatches was to do it by each section. So here is the first one:
These are all matte shades - the mattes in this palette are very soft and buttery without being chalky like a lot of matte shadows tend to be. They blend amazingly and are great quality!
The first 3 are pretty much different skintone shades, and the last one, which I at first thought was a crazy-pigmented white, is slightly off-white but still amazing.
This second section has some more neutrals, but these all have a slight shimmer to them.
Here are the swatches of them - a light peach, pinky-peach, light tan, and yellow-gold.
These are more shimmery - it seems the palette is set up so that it goes matte, slight shimmer, shimmer.
I really like this section of shadows. There's a corally pink, beige, rosy pink, and copper-pink.
Now the middle row has 5 shadows in each section.
There's a light brown, light orangey-brown, light beige, dark brown, and a spring-green. These are all matte.
Probably my favorite section out of the palette, these are all slightly shimmery.
There is a golden brown, medium pink, tan, chocolate brown, and turquoise.
This section has a crazy blue. As you can see, some of these are a little crumbly because they are so soft. These are all shimmery as well except for the bright blue which is matte.
There's a shimmery beige, a cream that has a chunkier texture than the rest of the shadows, a light gold that has a drier texture than the rest of the shadows, a baby pink, and a crazy-pigmented bright blue!
Going to the last row, these are mattes and all remind me of shades from the Urban Decay Naked palette. They are super buttery and smooth!
There is a taupe, tan, brown, and black.
Now for the shimmery section of dark neutrals.
Black, taupe, light gold, copper.
And this is the final section.
A lighter copper than the previous section, raspberry/maroon, chocolately brown, almost-black brown.

All in all, this is a great little palette to have. The only downside I've found is that the shadows themselves are so small/close together that it is easy to mess them up with your brush and accidentally get one shadow mixed into the other. The size of them is not a problem at all because they are so pigmented that a little goes a long way. And of course, with 39 colors you get a huge variety. This palette retails for $28 on the Beauty Bridge site.

You can check out my video review and see these shadows in action here:

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