Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sleek Lip4 Palettes

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I first saw these before they were even released on Musings of a Muse's blog. It was these 2 palettes that she reviewed and I couldn't believe how pigmented they were just from the swatches! There are 6 palettes alltogether on the site - one that they have on there is an online exclusive and the Mardis Gras one is limited edition so if you like the looks of it, get it while you can!
The first one I'm going to talk about is called Ballet. The palettes come with a nice big mirror (the whole inside of the cover is a mirror) and they also come with a nice little lip brush. It's soft, but stiff enough to apply the color properly.
This is a perfect nude lip palette. All the colors are matte, but feel very creamy on the lips and the creamy, moisturizing feeling stays with you for as long as the color lasts (which I've found to be 3 or 4 hours as long as you don't eat!) The colors are beautiful - this one comes with what I consider a "perfect" nude, a mauve-nude, a peach-toned nude, and a pink-nude. That first perfect nude color has a more melty, soft texture than the others so you have to be careful with it. All of them are insanely pigmented!
Here's a shot of all of them swatched:
The perfect nude:
The mauve-nude:
The peach-nude:
And the pink-nude:
 Like I said, absolutely amazing pigmentation for a lip palette. I've never encountered one that has this quality! I can't believe Sleek is considered drugstore in the UK, I wish they sold this stuff in stores here!!!

Now, the other one I got is the Mardis Gras palette. This one is limited edition and packed with bright, fun colors (can we say hello purple?!)
Now in this one, and you can probably tell just from the picture, the 2 pinks on the right hand side have that same melty tecxture as the nude in the Ballet palette. Not sure why this is, but either way they are still amazing, you just have to be careful not to use too much. Again, these are so pigmented it's crazy! This one comes with a purple, a magenta, a corally pink, and a bright hot pink.

So here they all are swatched on my hand:
 The purple, which is crazy but looks so cool on the lips!
Hot pink:

  I should mention that there is no scent at all to these - which is awesome for those who are sensitive to lipstick smells. And one of my favorite things about them besides the pigmentation? You can mix the colors on your lips to create endless color combinations! They even work perfectly for doing ombre lips, because they are so smooth and easy to blend - they make it effortless!!

So after all the Covergirl fails I tried recently, I was very happy to find that I absolutely love these and got to write a review gushing about how great they are and you guys all need to try at least one of them out!!!

You can see my video about these here:

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