Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reviva Labs TransFIRMation Lotion

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I was contacted a while ago by Reviva Labs ( and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their products. I checked out their site and they have tons of skincare stuff - everything from face creams and eye creams to dark spot correctors, serums, etc. I chose to test out and review the transFIRMation lotion seeing as how I'm dealing with some loose skin from having Aiden back in October.

I have had this for weeks now and have been using it after I get out of the shower (it says it works best after a shower when skin is still damp) and can honestly say the areas I've been using it on feel firmer. This contains elastin and it says on the side of the bottle "Elastin effectiveness is related to its amino acid content. Our special elastin has 10 times the amino acid content of other elastins." Its main purpose is to help avoid slack skin during weight loss.

Now, I have been using this on my thighs, stomach, and breasts - the 3 areas I have been concerned about loose-skin wise. I gained weight (obviously) during my pregnancy, and had an almost-10-pound baby, so my stomach is the main focus for saggy skin. As soon as I started using this stuff it made my skin feel different. I wanted to make sure I used it long enough to do an honest review, so it's been about 2 and a half weeks since I started it. I can really tell a difference in the breast and thigh area - the skin is firmer to the touch than it was before I started using it. I've started a diet and am trying to lose the rest of the belly baby weight, so I haven't lost much there yet but this is really helping to keep the skin firm so as I continue to (hopefully) lose the weight, I feel like this is going to prevent any saggy skin that I do not want!

The scent, let's talk about that since I haven't touched on it yet. It reminds me of the original Jergens' smell. As soon as I opened it and smelled it, that's what it reminded me of. A little Jergen's, a little St. Ive's. Both lotions my Mom used when I was a kid, so the smell instantly reminded me of childhood lol. 

I definitely recommend checking out their site for all your skincare needs (seriously, they have EVERYTHING!!) their prices are good and I am very happy with the lotion I chose to review! (If anyone is interested, this is an 8oz bottle and it retails for $10. Not bad at all!) Again, their site is
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*DISCLAIMER: Item was sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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