Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Few LUSH Products

It has been a long while since I've been to Lush for a treat for myself. I love their products so much but they are kind of pricey. Hence the reason I cut everything up to get at least a few baths out of them lol! But I figured I would wait till I tried all of these and do a review for you guys in case you haven't tried them yet.

The first thing I got was a bath bomb because I've never tried one from Lush before. After smelling them all, I settled on Twilight. 
It is a good sized bomb, pink with stars and moons on it. I cut this one in half and used half - it crumbles when you cut it, but I just stored the rest in a baggie. The inside is bright blue! When you drop it in the tub, it fizzes and turns the water pink and blue. I realize now that I should've taken pictures LOL. It smells heavenly - very calming and clean. I love any type of lavender smelling bath-related item, and this one definitely takes the cake. The only thing I will say that I didn't like was this one made hardly any bubbles. Maybe it was because I only used half? I just couldn't justify wasting the whole thing on one bath!

The next thing I got was something the girl working there sold me on. One of their new "Fun" bath products. That is the name - "Fun." They come in all different colors and each color has a different scent, but I got the pink one,
This one has a sweet candy scent. Again, very calming and not overpowering. The cool thing about this is that you get a ton of it and just need to break off a chunk. It can be used as shampoo, soap, or crumbled under running bath water to make a bubble bath. That is how I have been using it - for bubble bath. I can't see using it as shampoo just because my hair is very testy when it comes to what I use. But as bubble bath, it's amazing. It makes loads of foamy bubbles and smells so good. I'm curious as to what the others smell like now, I seem to just gravitate towards the pink things!!

And the last thing I got is probably my favorite - the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. The bubbleroons are new bubble bars that are designed for 2 baths (though I cut mine up to get 4 out of it).
I laughed at first because it looks like a butt. I know, I'm immature LOL. This has a rose scent, which is so surprising that I love it because normally rose smells are too much for me and remind me of old ladies. But this is a very light rose scent mixed with something sweet that I can't quite put my finger on. Though I have the rest of it that I haven't used yet stored in a Ziploc bag in my closet, I can smell it every time I walk by the closet! That is what I love about Lush's bubble bars - the scents are amazing and last on your skin long after your bath is done. This one made the water feel SO SOFT!!! It just felt like I was bathing in silk, and smelled divine. It also made nice bubbles. I could smell it on my skin long after I got out of the bath so I feel like I really got my moneys' worth on this!

I talk about all 3 of these here:


  1. AHHHH dude! I wanna go to LUSH now! There isnt one near me!!! The moon and stars bomb looks amazing!!! When Im in Arizona in a couple months im going to go lush crazy!

    1. omg I love the Twilight one it smells soooo good definitely get that one!! I wish the one I go to was closer, I rarely get to go there lol. I hate ordering stuff online if I haven't tried it yet because I REALLY need to smell their stuff in person. There's a 50/50 chance I won't like the smell haha. I wanted to get the Baby Bot bath bomb for Aiden but then when I smelled it in the store it had no scent to it at all, I was like screw that lol