Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NYC Kiss Gloss from the Paint the Town Collection - Pink Flamingo and Spring Meadow

I had been considering getting something from the Paint the Town collection for a while now and since I tried a few lip products from NYC that I liked recently, I decided to give a few more of their products a try. I picked up 2 of their Kiss Glosses in Spring Meadow and Pink Flamingo. Spring Meadow looks like a light green with green shimmers, and Pink Flamingo looks like a cream coral.
Boy, are these deceiving because neither one gives any color payoff. They both may as well be clear because that is what it looks like on your lips.
Here are heavy swatches of both - it's a shame that you can't even really see the green shimmer in Spring Meadow.
The formula on these is very thick and gooey, but not at all sticky, which is really odd. They are quite moisturizing and feel nice on the lips.
Here's a shot with flash in my attempt to get the green shimmer to show up!
All in all I was disappointed with these. They looked more fun than they actually are!
I talk about these here:


  1. Im a sucker for the way they look in the packaging alone! LOL ! Great review as always!

    1. Thanks!! lol I know I thought they were going to be so pretty, what a bummer. Glad they were 40% off lmao