Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maybelline Limited Edition Summer 2013 Color Tattoo in Seashore Frosts

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This color was so hard to find that I didn't even find it - one of my lovely subscribers (she is rapunzelesque on Instagram) was kind enough to send it to me and I am so happy! This was the one I wanted most out of the summer collection and though I already reviewed the other 2 that I got, this one deserves its own review!
Other bloggers have been saying that this is the most pigmented out of the rest in the summer collection. I will go ahead and agree with that, as the other 2 I have and the swatches I have seen of the other colors are all much more sheer than this one.
Here are 2 swatches with flash. It is such a hard color to describe - almost like a grayed blue with a gold shift to it. Just stunning! On the top in this picture, I swatched it over black - when you do this most of the gold shows up. And below that it is just swatched by itself - as you can see, it shows up like a normal Color Tattoo shade instead of being sheer like Waves of White and Cool Crush that I reviewed previously.
And here it is without flash - you can really see the gold over the black in this one. This shade isn't as hard to apply as the others. It has more of the normal formula instead of the slippery-ness of the other duochromes in the collection, which is a huge plus - it doesn't slide all around and apply patchy. While I love the other 2 that I got, that is their one downfall. This one is just awesome in every way possible!
I show the shadow in this video:

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