Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maybelline Summer 2013 Limited Edition Color Tattoo Shadows

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I picked up two colors from this seemingly impossible to find collection. I am a huge fan of the Color Tattoo shadows and when I saw that they had duochrome ones for summer, I knew I needed a few! I reeeeally want Seashore Frosts but it looks like that one is going to be the rarest of them to find. I ended up with Waves of White (left in the picture) and Cool Crush (right). These are just my favorite things to use lately as eyeshadow bases, and I figured duo-chrome ones would be exceptionally nice!
When you swatch them or use them alone, they look similar. It's not until you put them over a dark base that you can truly see their color shifts. Waves of White has a teal/pink color shift and Cool Crush is more of a blue/purple. Both are really awesome, especially used under shimmery or metallic shadows - it gives them more of a pop and just makes them look 100x better than they are!
And here are a few different shots so you can see them over a dark base - see how different they look? In the first 2 photos, Waves of White looks pink and in the last one it looks teal. (Waves of White is on the left in the first 2 photos and on the top in the bottom photo). Cool Crush ends up looking pink, white, etc even though it looks purple/blue in the pot!
I will say that these shadows have a thinner, more slippery consistency than the normal Color Tattoos. A lot of people have been complaining about this, and I can see why. If you attempt to apply them with a brush, the color goes on patchy. I find it best to pat it on with your finger ESPECIALLY if you're planning on wearing them by themselves and not as a base for another shadow. 
Other than the different formula, these are gorgeous colors and an awesome edition to my ever-growing Color Tattoo collection.

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