Friday, May 24, 2013

Covergirl Ink It! Eye Pencils

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The Covergirl Ink It! liners confused me. I thought when I opened them they would be pen/liquid type liners but they're not - they're the twist up, soft-crayon kind. They are soft and smooth, but almost to a fault because the black one has crumbled on me twice so far while applying it.
They have a clear plastic protector around the product where it comes out through the tube - this is probably to help stabilize it so it doesn't break as easily. I picked these up in 2 colors - Black Ink and Silver Ink. The black is a matte black (very dark!) and the silver is a metallic silver. Here's a few swatches - the first is with flash, the second without:
These are not smudge-able liners - they pretty much set right away and have excellent staying power. The black literally lasts all day on my waterline and there are pretty much no other liners that do that for me except for the L'oreal Lacquer Liner gel liner. So that is a huge A+ for this product. On the downside though, the black is hard to remove - takes some scrubbing with a makeup wipe to get it all off. The silver isn't as difficult to take off, maybe because it's metallic/a different finish? The display had a gorgeous teal color on the model, but there wasn't even a spot for it so I am determined to find it.
At any rate, these have amazing pigmentation and staying power and are perfect liners for the water line.

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