Sunday, May 26, 2013

Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencils

The Flamed Out Shadow pencils are probably my favorite products from the new "Flamed Out" line. These remind me a lot of the Cool Effects pencils that Covergirl had years ago. When you put them on your lid, they give a cooling effect (which is weird for a products called "Flamed Out" lol.

I purchased these in the colors Muted Caramel Flame (a shimmery taupe), Gold Flame (a light yellow gold shimmer), and Ashen Glow Flame (a khaki green with hints of gold shimmer).

As you can see I already had an "oopsie" with the gold one - these are very soft and I accidentally nicked it on the cap. That being said, because they are so soft they make great shadow bases (and pair well with the colors from the Flamed Out Shadow Pots). BUT they don't blend very easily. They pretty much go where you put them, and that's it. I love using the Muted Caramel Flame one as a base for the shimmery brown shadow pot!

I hate that the names are not on the pencil itself - they were only on the plastic packaging, which has since been thrown away. At least they HAD names, unlike the shadow pots which only have a number on them.

As you can see, they are pretty pigmented. The first picture is with flash, the second is without. From left to right is Gold Flame, Melted Caramel Flame, and Ashen Glow Flame. The Caramel one is the most pigmented out of the 3, and my favorite. They last all day and I don't see any creasing as long as I use primer (of course!) With my oily lids, I would never dare wear an eye look of any sort without using my UDPP first lol.

These are definitely worth trying out, especially if you're looking for some new shadow bases!

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  1. these look pretty, especially the gold. However, I have lots of NYX jumbo pencils that look really similar. :0

    1. Yeah aside from the cooling feeling they are a lot like the NYX pencils :) The NYX ones definitely blend better though!