Monday, March 4, 2013

Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation and Pressed Powder

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Wet n Wild has come out with new liquid foundations and pressed powders in a wider range of shades than they have ever had before. I got them both in Fair and Fair/Light to test out and it turns out I have to use a combo of both shades to get my perfect match. That may be an issue with the bigger shade selection - I believe there is fair, fair/light, light, light/medium, medium, medium/tan, and tan. There may be more but that is what the store I saw them in had. The shade range is the same for both the liquid and powders, so they all match each other well.

First, I'll talk about the liquid foundation. While it says it offers medium to full coverage, I'd say it's more light to medium. It is buildable, but to a point. It blends nicely but is a very thin consistency. It dries matte but if you are oily like me, the shine will come through in about 45 minutes without setting with a powder. That brings us to the powder...

The powder definitely makes the foundation last a little longer, and that's about it. It helps keep it matte, but doesn't really add anything to the amount of coverage or anything. It is VERY powder and easy to make a mess of with your brush. It also tends to just blend away if you overblend it into your skin. It comes with a little sponge which might actually be a better way to apply it - just pat it on with that rather than using a brush, because it blends away so easily.

My final verdict is, these are affordable and good to throw in your makeup bag to use for touch-ups, but when it comes to long lasting face makeup these definitely don't stand up to the test. They might work better for those with dryer skin types, but if you are oily like me, they're not going to work too great for you.

I talk about these two products in this video:

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