Friday, March 8, 2013

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer: Reserve Your Cabana

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I'm not sure how new this is, as I've heard others talk about it before. but it just popped up with the new Wet n Wild stuff in my area. It is definitely too light to be a bronzer, and should have just been called a highlighter!

You get a TON of product - the compact is huge, I believe it was $3.99 which is a steal.

A close-up without flash.

It looks like a creamy color but does actually have a tiny bit of shimmer to it, making for the perfect highlight.

Since I bought this, I have been calling it my "less shimmery Mary Lou-Manizer" lol. It is pretty much the same shade, just has a lot less shimmer to it!

The product itself is very, very smooth. It isn't terribly powdery like a lot of Wet n Wild pressed powders can be. I have really been loving this as a daily highlight on my cheekbones. It's perfect for when you want a highlight, but not a lot of shimmer. Also makes a great browbone highlight!

I talk about the highlighter in this video:


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