Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blackheart Beauty Eye Liners - 3 Kinds

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Hot Topic now sells Blackheart Beauty for makeup - a while back they sold Bloody Mary, and then just their own brand. They mostly always have a buy 2 get 1 free deal going on, so I wanted to test out the 3 kinds of eye liners that they sell.

First up is the liquid glitter liner - I got purple. It is a very vibrant purple glitter, applies well but you should use 2 coats if you want it to be an opaque glitter liner.

The lasting power is great on this one, once it dries it is pretty much set until you're ready to remove it!

Next we have the black Wing Tip liner. This is probably the least favorite of mine from the 3 that I bought. The chisel tip is just hard to work with, and the formula itself is very smudgy and doesn't set. This is a definite do not use on the lower lashline type liner, because it will smear everywhere!

Now we have the felt tip liner in License to Teal. This is my favorite out of the 3. To me, it is just like a permanent marker for your eyes. It doesn't have shimmer to it or anything, so it looks just like you drew with marker. It is very long lasting and does not smear once it's dry. It's best to use this on your upper lashline over eyeshadow and everything though, because it can stain a little.

The tip comes to a very fine point and allows for drawing on winged liner with ease!

Here's all 3 of them swatched. As you can see, the wing tip liner isn't all that black, and is very creamy so it will smear right off.

Check out my video where I talk about these!

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