Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Sticks

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This product is new to me - I had never seen them before. I don't purchase a lot of Rimmel, but these caught my eye because of the gorgeous colors! Since I bought them, I've noticed that Walgreens seems to be the only place around me that carries the colorful ones - the other drugstores seem to all have the neutral shades. Maybe that is why they never caught my eye before!

These are 24 hr waterproof shadow sticks and definitely an awesome product! I picked up two shades:

Tempting turquoise, a bright turquoise with subtle shimmer

Blamed Blue, a dark turquoise with bright turquoise shift

These are as creamy as butter, glide on smooth and last all day. They are great as bases but are also not so thick that you can't use them as normal eyeliners - just need to keep them sharpened! They are similar to the Milani and Urban Decay shadow pencils, and even more pigmented than the NYX ones! I have been loving them and want to try a few more colors.

I talk about these in this video:

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