Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Starbox

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Here's a look at the March Starbox - this one is a plain brown box with a navy blue logo.

Inside there are 4 products - an eyeshadow, lipstick, lip sugar, and mascara.

The eyeshadow is called Disarray and retails for $12 on the Starlooks Site. It is a navy blue with slight shimmer. It has a decent pigment to it and is easily blendable, just like the shadows from the December palette.
Next is their Moisture Rich Lipstick in Flutter. It retails for $11. It is a copper with metallic shimmer - very pigmented, smooth and creamy. The formula reminds me very much of the NYX round lipsticks. It has a very sturdy case so it's a good one to throw in your bag and not worry about it cracking! It's not a color I would normally wear, but pretty nonetheless.
Next is the lengthening mascara which retails for $15. This is my favorite thing in this months' box. The first thing I noticed was how heavy duty the tube was - it has some weight to it!! The wand is big and thick as you can see in the picture - botht the wand and formula remind me of Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara so if you enjoy that one you will like this one too! It doesn't clump either, which is always a plus. Definitely gives my lashes some length but doesn't do much for volume - but then again, that's why it's called a "lengthening" mascara! 
 My naked eye
My eye with the lengthening mascara applied - one coat!
The last thing in the box was something new, a lip sugar. It says it retails for $2 but is exclusive to the Starboxes right now (not available on the site yet!) Not sure if they're testing it out before selling it, but it is pretty nice. It smells so good, just like pure vanilla. It reminds me of the Fresh lip scrub, but this one is a little grittier. Does an awesome job of getting the dry skin off your lips! I rub this around on my lips for a minute, then wipe it off and apply a balm and it makes them feel super smooth and invigorated.
I also received my free product of the month to review, which I will be doing in a separate post!!

Here is my video on the March Starbox!

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