Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre Drops

I have been wanting these for a while. but my Sephora NEVER has them in stock! They always have the gold ones, but I thought these were way prettier as it shows loads of iridescent sparkles.

If you've never heard of this product before, it is a liquid with a ton of glitter in it. Basically, a liquid highlighter. But the cool thing about it is you can put it over any eyeshadow to give it some extra sparkle! It has an eye dropper-like applicator inside. My camera did not want to focus but you get the idea:

The stuff dries almost instantly as soon as you smooth it out, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Here are a couple pictures of it in drop form (where it almost looks white) and spread out.
While I think it is a bit much to use as a face highlighter (in my opinion anyway) I am going to get a ton of use out of this in eye looks! I really like putting a bit of it in the center of a shimmery neutral eyeshadow look, it gives it that pop of something special!

I talk about the lustre drops in this video:


  1. THIS IS MY FAVORITE GLITTERY THING EVER! it's so pretty...I used it in the last show I was in and I swear 3 people went and bought it online because of that. I wish it was in my Sephora so I don't have to order it online LOL!

    1. omg I know! I didn't realize how pretty it was till I saw it in person!!