Sunday, January 13, 2013

Physician's Formula Super BB Line

This is a new line of products from Physician's Formula that I was really excited to try out and review - the Super BB concealer, powder, and cream makeup from Physician's formula! First look shows that the packaging is super cool - but is the stuff inside just as great? As far as I know (and what they had in the displays) there is only Light/Medium and Medium/Dark shades, so not a huge selection. I was a little weary at first because I am super pale, but fear not! The light/medium blends perfectly into my skin - when I set the cream with the powder, it is the perfect shade, as the powder is a little lighter than the cream.

Let's look at the BB Cream first - it's in the usual squeeze tube. Doesn't have much of a scent at all so it won't bother those of you who are sensitive to smells. It is a lot thicker than other BB Creams I have tried (so far I've tried the Garnier, the Youth Code, and the Maybelline ones) and it gives decent coverage. I am not a lover of super heavy foundations so BB creams have been an awesome alternative for me since I discovered them. I should let those of you who don't already know, that I have very oily skin, but since it's winter time it's been a nightmare lately. I have dry patches no matter how much I moisturize, and I still get oily. So to say that this stuff does not bother my skin/make it more oily or dry, is saying a lot. As much as I wanted to like the Garnier BB Cream, it just makes my skin way too oily. After about an hour of wearing it you can already see massive shine on my forehead and nose. That is not the case with this gem. I can wear it at work all day and not worry about being a grease pit a few hours into my shift! This is honestly my favorite out of the BB Creams I've tried and I don't think I'll be reaching much for the others!

Now we have the concealer. When first applied, this stuff look way too yellow for my skintone, but as the cream makeup does, this blends like a dream as well. I like to use this under my eyes because it doesn't gather in the fine lines and it provides pretty decent coverage. It is pretty watery but doesn't take long to dry. I don't enjoy the brush applicator - it just streaks the product across your skin - so I dot it on and then smooth it out with my finger or a brush.

Last, we have my favorite of the 3 products, the powder. This is flat out my new favorite face powder. I even threw away a couple of others that I knew I won't be using anymore because this has won top place in my heart! I could just pat this on my face in a rush and be good to go. It makes your skin look smooth and flawless, and never cakey. And for someone with oily skin, this does an excellent job at keeping me matte. I absolutely love this, and combined over the cream makeup and the concealer to set everything? It makes your skin look amazingggg. I have pretty sensitive skin in addition to it being a pain in the butt in the winter, but I rarely get breakouts. When I do, it is usually because I've added something to my routine that is not agreeing with me. This has not happened with these products, and I wanted to use them for a good couple weeks before I did this review so I could give you guys my honest opinion and let you know how it faired with my crazy skin. And I can tell you, these products get an A+++ from me!

Here is the video I did on my YouTube channel about these products:


  1. awesome to hear.... im running to the drugstore soon for these babies.... thanks for the review

  2. I haven't seen these in the stores anywhere yet but I definitely want to try them after your review.

    1. I haven't seen them many places yet, hopefully they will be popping up soon!