Monday, January 28, 2013

January Starbox

I think the January Starbox is my favorite one I've received so far! I will mention first that I did receive this one for free - this will be my last free one, and I'm pretty sure they've sold me on signing up for the monthly service with this one!

I haven't heard of any other monthly boxes like this that give you all full-sized products. It's pretty amazing, and definitely a great value for what you get.

Here's a look inside - we've got a Diamondline Eye Liner which retails for $8, A brown eye liner which retails for $8, A blush compact in "Cuty Peach" which retails for $12, and the Starlooks 85 Dome Brush which retails for $15. They've also included a bracelet from Abby Rose Designs that retails for $15.

Here is the bracelet - it has wire on the inside so it wraps around your wrist without a closure. Colorful, but not my style. I don't think I would pay $15 for this simply because it looks like it could be made from beads from one of those kid's bead kits at the craft store.

The blush is a gorgeous, peachy-pink. It is VERY pigmented so you have got to make sure you're very light-handed when applying it, or you will look crazy. That was my problem the first time I used it lol. It does blend out nicely though, and gives your cheeks a pretty glow.

The brown eye liner is your typical pencil liner. It's a deep rich brown, very pigmented. It is very smooth and smudges easily, perfect for the lower lash line.

The 858 Dome Brush is very nice. It is made of 100% cruelty-free pony hair and is extremely soft. It reminds me a lot of the Kat Von D smudger brush that was in her first brush set. It works great for the inner corner of the lid, and also smudging along the lower lash line.

The Diamondline pencil is my favorite thing out of the box. It is so smooth and glides on like a dream - and the shimmer! It's a very light green with tons of micro shimmers. It looks gorgeous with green or neutral shadow looks. I am in love with this pencil!

Here are swatches, with and without flash, of the Diamondline liner, the blush, and the brown liner.

I will definitely say this has been my favorite box so far, and I'm looking forward to what they have in store for future boxes! You can check out the site and sign up for your own Starbox at

Here is my video review for the January Starbox:


  1. I watched your video and I must say, that green eye-pencil... I'm so jealous! I want it so badly, lmao. I was thinking of signing up for the Starbox after your very first review of it but I thought shipping to Sweden might be a bit too expensive for me to pay every month, lol.

    1. It is so pretty! I don't have anything like it lol. It is definitely a good price for all the full size stuff you get every month but like you said, shipping might make it expensive :(