Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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I have been wanting this stuff ever since I first started hearing the buzz about it on YouTube. I finally got to get some and let me tell you, I am in love!! I got the Sweetheart and Burning Heart palettes. I figured that was the best way to go, seeing as how you get all the pressed shadows in the line except the black one, and you're actually saving money - pressed shadows are $12 each, but the palettes (4 pans in a palette) are $34. A little pricey? Yes. But when you see the colors and how pigmented they are, it is so worth it. They are all blendable and beautiful!
The Burning Heart palette contains Flamepoint (Bright Orange), Buttercupcake (Bright Yellow), Love+ (Bright Red), and Poison Plum (Vibrant Purple). The red is actually what sold me on Sugarpill in the first place. I have looked everywhere for a true, bright red. The closest I came was MAC's Basic Red pigment, but I still wanted a pressed red eyeshadow. Thank you, Sugarpill, because I finally found it!! The other colors are gorgeous as well - yellow is also a hard color to find decent quality in, and Buttercupcake is amazing. Flamepoint is an insanely vibrant orange, and Posion Plum is often compared to Make Up Forever's famous #92 shadow.
The Sweetheart Palette is full of candy colored brights! It contains Dollipop (Bright Pink), Afterparty (A Vibrant Blue with a hint of shimmer), Midori (A Gorgeous Green, also has a tiny bit of shimmer), and Tako (Matte White). I think this palette is a must for makeup lovers who are obsessed with bright colors, like myself. You only need the tiniest bit of Dollipop to make the color pop - yes, it's THAT pigmented! Afterparty has a little shimmer to its gorgeous blue color. Midori also has a tiny bit of shimmer to it. And Tako is basic white, but it's of great quality so it doesn't need to be layered and layered for you to get it to show up like a lotof other whites tend to do. All the colors are gorgeous, vibrant, and I love them to pieces!

I also did a tutorial for this look - I only used Urban Decay Primer Potion - no bases/NYX eyeshadow pencils - to show how bright the colors are.

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