Friday, March 19, 2010

Glamour Doll Twi-Shadows!

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I finally got the Twi-Shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes! I know I'm super late doing this, but I've been sick so I'm sure you guys have seen swatches from other people already but I still had to do this!

I got the set of all 10 shadows, and I got the sample size jars. It's a great deal for $17.75! You can also get the sample baggie set for $11.25, or the full size jar set for $40.00. You can also buy each color by itself if you don't want all of them. They can be purchased at - just click on Twi-Shadows!

I really love all of the colors. In these pictures, I used NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk on the left, the middle is just my skin with no base, and the right is NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Black Bean. I think I'll do my swatches like this from now on so that you can see what colors look like over light and dark bases :)

Onto color descriptions:
Family Secret is a soft, shimmery white. Perfect for a highlight color!
Skin of a Killer is a soft white with a little gold sparkle to it.
Big Brother is a grey-green.
Dear Mom is shimmery light pink.
Mood Swing is a shimmery grey-blue.
Premonition is a dark purple with lots of shimmer. Look GORGEOUS over a black base!
The Perfect Cure is a golden tannish brown color with a little sparkle to it. So pretty!
Just Bitten is a shimmery burgundy with a little bit of sparkle - super pigmented as well!
Mind Reader is a really dark matte navy blue with a lot of gold and silver glitter.
Black Ice is a matte black with lots of silver glitter.

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