Sunday, February 7, 2021

ColourPop X Animal Crossing Palettes

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I recently picked up the set of 4 Animal Crossing Palettes from ColourPop! I think this might be up against some of my past favorites for cutest packaging ever! They all have mirrors inside and when you get the complete set, they come in that adorable rainbow box!

Nook, Inc. is the green palette.

Yes...Yes! is a metallic pale mint.
Made in the Shade is a matte mint with silver micro sparkles.
CEO* is an iridescent mint glitter.
Water Landing is a matte blue based deep green.

Next is the pink themed palette, 5 Star Island.

Isabelle is a pale metallic yellow.
Island Tune* is a matte pinky coral.
Island Designer* is an iridescent pink glitter.
Resident Rep. is a matte dusty berry with gold and pink micro sparkles.

What a Hoot is the brown palette.

Meteor Shower* is a chunky gold and copper glitter with a bit of shimmery gold base to it.
Celestial is a matte peachy cream.
All Aflutter is a metallic copper.
WHO! is a matte dark brown.

Last but not least we have Labelle of the Ball, which is the purple palette.

Able Sisters* is an iridescent purple glitter.
Tailor Ticket is a matte lavender with silver micro sparkles.
Custom Design is a purply mauve base with strong turquoise shift.
Serene Sable* is a matte deep berry purple.

Out of all 4 of the palettes, the only shade that doesn't really work for me is Serene Sable. It doesn't want to stick, and then when you use a sticky base with it, it doesn't want to blend. That one is just a dud for me. But all the other colors definitely make up for it! I was really impressed with the Isabelle yellow, because a lot of times pale yellows like that can be just blah and dull. That one is really pretty and pops. My favorite palette as a whole is definitely What a Hoot because I think that one is the most cohesive and I don't need to grab from other palettes to use that one. All in all I think this is a cute collection and any AC fan will love these!


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