Sunday, August 23, 2020

I Heart Revolution Tasty Burger Palette

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The I Heart Revolution Tasty Burger Palette is too cute! I've noticed this brand has a lot of food-themed makeup, and decided to pick up this eye palette because I just couldn't resist. The box even looks like a fast food burger box!
This is the "cheesy burger" but they also have a vegan burger palette full of green shades! And get this....
The top bun is squishy!! I don't know why, I think this is so cool haha.

The shades in this are mostly brown and orange tones, and the reason I chose this one is because I think it's got some pretty perfect fall colors inside. I am actually pleasantly surprised with the shadow quality as well!
The shades don't have names, but across the top we have a dark shimmery brown, a shimmery red-orange (labeled as a pressed pigment), a pale metallic gold, and a matte light brown.

Across the bottom there is a satin peach (labeled as a pressed pigment), a satin coral (labeled as a pressed pigment), a bright orange matte, and a metallic yellow gold.

As I said, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality here. The mattes are soft and smooth, and the shimmers/satins are as well. They all have decent pigmentation and nothing has given me any issues. I am very happy I decided to pick this baby up!

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