Friday, August 28, 2020

ColourPop Lil' Ray Of Sunshine Palette

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The ColourPop Lil' Ray Of Sunshine Palette is an all-matte 9 pan palette that is the perfect summer-into-autumn transition color story.
While I don't typically love all-matte palettes, this one pairs well with a lot of other ColourPop palettes (Uh-Huh Honey in particular) to create some awesome looks. I'll do an all-matte eye from time to time, but I am someone who feels like a little shimmer makes everything better!

I love the sunflower design on the packaging, but the yellow is so pale that I think they should have made the text black, or even a dark brown, because it's so hard to read the names.
Sun's Out is a pale cream yellow.
Vitamin D is a pale light yellow.
Happy Place is a pale lemon yellow.

Blissed Out is a mustard yellow.
Sunnies is a bright marigold.
Vibey is a golden honey yellow.

Limoncello is a warm apricot.
Chillin' is a terracotta.
Sun Giant is a chocolate brown.

The Sun's Out shade needs to be built up a little to reach its full potential, but other than that this palette is VERY pigmented! My favorite has to be Sunnies - it's so warm and bold, and it's hard to find yellow that pack that much pigment without piling it on or using a super sticky base with it. This one is awesome! I definitely recommend checking out this palette if you're looking for a great end of summer/beginning of autumn color story!

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