Thursday, November 21, 2019

ColourPop Frozen II Anna and Elsa Palettes

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The Anna and Elsa Frozen II Palettes from ColourPop scream winter and fall vibes to me. Elsa's is very cool and wintery and Anna's is more warm and fall toned. Let's take a peek!
The Elsa palette is pretty, but not one I think I would go to for a one and done look. I definitely need to pull from other palettes when working with this one. That's not all bad though, because I think the Anna one compliments it very nicely.
Cuddle Close is an iridescent pink. Slightly flakey, but pretty.
Fire is a matte pinky mauve.
Northern Lights is a pale pink with lots of green shift.
Gale is a warm lavender with a slight green shift.
Flurry is a chunky opalescent glitter.
Water is a dusty periwinkle. I have lots of trouble trying to get this to stick and blend.
Awakened is a deep matte berry with silvery micro glitter.
Ice Crystals is a metallic silver.
Spindrift is a matte deep berry wine.

The Anna palette is the one I see myself using more. This one is definitely a one and done palette for me, though it does pair nicely with colors in the Elsa palette.
Scooch In is an iridescent peach. The texture on this one is smoother and not crumbly like Cuddle Close in the Elsa palette.
Wind is a matte pumpkin squash shade.
Earth is a metallic true yellow gold.
Adventure is a shimmery plum.
Arendelle is a chunky gold glitter with copper micro glitter.
Autumn Breeze is a matte mulberry. This one needs to be built up a bit.
Warm Hugs is a dusty mauve with tiny gold flecks.
Fearless is a matte terracotta.
Charades is a deep red brown. I found this one to be a little difficult to work with.

So there were some issues with some of the mattes in these palettes, as stated above. Nothing too terrible, but the blue "Water" shade in the Elsa palette was definitely the worst of all of them. It doesn't want to stick to anything, and when you put a sticky base under it, it makes it not want to blend out at all. The Flurry glitter in the Elsa palette is packed very loosely and is SUPER messy so beware of that one. Charades in the Anna palette is a little hard to blend as well, as is Autumn Breeze (but that one can be built up a little easier and isn't as patchy). 

Those are the few critiques I have. I think they could have taken all the shades and made one larger palette out of them, because they do compliment one another really nicely. With the Elsa one, I have to grab the Anna one or another palette to get a full look. The Anna one I find I can just use on its own. They are both pretty palettes but neither of them is a perfect one!

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