Friday, September 27, 2019

ColourPop Lilac You A Lot Collection

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The Lilac You A Lot palette and Hallucinogenius Jelly Much eyeshadow were the two items I picked up from the ColourPop Lilac Collection.
The Jelly Much shadows have a fun, bouncy texture to them. They most definitely dry down and don't crease, which is awesome for someone with oily lids like me who tends to stay away from cream products on the eyes for that very reason. Hallucinogenius is a cool blue/purple duochrome shade.
The one thing I don't like about it is that it has a brownish undertone. If you turn it away from the light, it has an ugly weirdness to it lol. You can see it better in the jar:
Other than that, it's a cool color and works awesome as a base for the Lilac You A Lot palette.

So in this new monochromatic palette we've got 9 shades of purple, and no pressed glitters in this one. There are, however, FOUR that have the "not intended for use in the immediate eye area" warning because they stain. Ghostin', Zoned Out, Iffy and Filtered all have that asterisk next to them.
Cloud is a lilac with gold sheen.
Imagine That is a matte dusty lavender.
Ghostin' is a bright pinky lilac.

Wake Me is a pinky purple with blue duochrome.
Fluff is a metallic light purple.
Trainwreck is a shimmery pale purple.

Zoned Out is a matte pale lilac.
Iffy is a matte bright purple.
Filtered is a matte fuchsia.

I absolutely love purple eyeshadow, so I really enjoy this palette. The only shades that really stain badly are Iffy and Filtered. Iffy is seriously one of the best matte purple shades I've ever used - it's super pigmented and not the least bit patchy. ColourPop really has their matte formula perfected!

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