Sunday, August 11, 2019

ColourPop Orange You Glad Palette

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I'm pretty good at predicting what color palette will be the next 9 pan palette from ColourPop for some reason, and after the yellow I KNEW they would do orange! Hence, the Orange You Glad? palette.
They definitely stuck to all oranges, minus that brown in the lower right corner. I wish so badly that the pressed glitter was eye safe, but unfortunately it's pretty chunky and deemed not safe for use in the eye area. My one gripe with ColourPop palettes lately is that I wish they would put pressed glitters that are actually eye safe in the palettes. Not everyone is going to know or see that tiny fine print that says not to use it on your eyes. And furthermore, that friggin glitter is GORGEOUS and I want to use it on my eyes!!! Anyway, on to the swatches...
Zested is a matte pale peach.
Squeeze Me is a metallic pale orange with lots of gold sheen.
Creamsicle is a matte peachy orange.

Rise N Grind is a matte pumpkin orange.
Clementine is a multi-sized iridescent gold/orange/green glitter.
Sunkiss'd is a matte neon tangerine. (marked as not for use in immediate eye area)

Tangerine Dreams is a metallic orange.
Mimosa Mami is a matte red-orange. (marked as not for use in the immediate eye area)
Ya Peel Me? is a matte rust.

Now while the glitter is gorgeous, it's also large and I urge you to not use glitters that large on your eyes even though it seems okay. Yes they are cosmetic grade, but the cut of them is still way too large and if you get it in your eye it could seriously harm you. ColourPop, please stop putting these in palettes! The two shades that also say not for use in the immediate eye area stain, so that is why they put that warning. I have been using those on my eyes and had no issues. This palette as a whole is bright, summery, and so much fun!

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