Tuesday, August 27, 2019

ColourPop Baby Got Peach Palette

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The ColourPop Baby Got Peach palette is here! I was pretty excited for this one, because I looooove peachy shades. Colors like this always seem to make my eyes look more open, bright and awake. My eyes are brown and my go-to look always includes a purple, but when I want to look super bright eyed I will grab peaches!
In this one, Hungry Ghost (the pressed glitter) and Centerfold are both marked as "not intended for use in the immediate eye area," which we have been seeing a lot in these 9 pan palettes. With the glitter it's because the particles are too large to use on the eye and can cause damage if you happen to get a flake of it inside your eye. With the shadows it's usually because they're neon/stain and while they may be approved for eye use in Europe, they still aren't in the USA. There's always a lot of back and forth over this and personally, I don't use the glitters in these palette on my eyes but I do use the shadows. My eyes aren't sensitive and I've never had an issue other than a bit of staining. Do with that information what you will, but I definitely urge you NOT to use these glitters on your eyes, even though they're super pretty! I can't understand why they keep putting them into "shadow palettes," since not everyone is going to read the tiny print on the back that says they shouldn't be used on the eyes, but they keep releasing them with these chunky pressed glitters in them, so just be careful!

Now for the swatches...
Darlin' is a matte bright orangey peach.
Hungry Ghost is an opal glitter with a gold/peach duochrome shift to it.
Perky is a matte light pinky peach.

Get Even is a bright peach with gold sheen.
Centerfold is a muted neon peach.
Glaze It is a metallic peach with golden sheen.

Okurr is a matte peachy terracotta.
Ready Or Yacht is a metallic icy peach.
Half Baked is a matte rusty peach.

ALL the shades here are beautiful - I really, REALLY like the Centerfold color because I don't have any other peaches that are nice and bright like that! Personally, I think this palette as a whole is going to work so well to transition into fall when it is paired with warm browns and neutral shades. For now with the last few weeks of summer, I am going to be sure to use this on its own as much as I can!

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