Saturday, July 6, 2019

ColourPop Uh-Huh Honey Palette

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The Uh-Huh Honey Palette from ColourPop is the yellow summer palette everyone's been waiting for!
It is important to note that the middle pressed glitter shade is NOT eye safe. The particles are too big for the eye area, and it is marked as not for use in the immediate eye area on the back of the palette. This does say "pressed powder palette" instead of "eyeshadow palette," but it still seems silly to me to put a glitter in there that you can't use on your eyes. Let's go through the shades!

Stinger is a matte pastel yellow.
Sunburst is a shimmery light yellow with a blue duochrome.
Sweet Spot is a matte bright yellow. This one takes some building up, but is nice and bright!

Dandy is a metallic yellow gold.
Palooza is a pressed glitter that has a greenish duochrome shade in there with yellow glitter as well.
Queen B is a rich warm metallic gold.

Totally Buggin's is a matte pale mustard yellow.
Oh Beehave is a matte golden yellow.
Buzz Kill is a matte ochre.

Asusual, great quality in this palette. I really love that pressed glitter and wish the particles were smaller so that it would be eye safe. Sweet Spot is slightly chalky, but building it up helps it blend fine. This palette actually pairs perfectly with the California Love palette! The yellows compliment all the warm shades in that palette perfectly.

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