Saturday, March 30, 2019

ColourPop Disney Villains Collection

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I picked up a few things from the ColourPop Disney Villains collection, so I figured it might be better to put everything into this one post rather than review the items separately. I picked up the Misunderstood eyeshadow palette, the Ursula collection, the Just Your Voice Jelly Much eyeshadow, and the Do I Look Like I Care Glitterally Obsessed.

This is the first Glitterally Obsessed glitter I've tried, and I've gotta say, I am impressed! It is essentially a thick glitter paste that dries down and becomes pretty budge-proof, but still is easy to remove. This one is described as a multi-dimensional silver with a coppery rose gold flip. It's got so much glitter packed in, some holographic, and so many colors it's absolutely GORGEOUS! It does say that it is for body use only, so that is definitely worth noting. It's got all different sizes of glitter in it, so I would use it with extreme caution if you're putting it anywhere near the eyes.
I tried to get it from a few different angles so you could see how pretty it is!

I also had never tried a Jelly Much shadow before, so Just Your Voice is my first! I have never been a big fan of cream or gel-type shadows, but this formula is really nice. It does feel sticky at first, but dries down and doesn't crease. The color itself is a black base with a shimmery turquoise shift. Really cool!

Now the mini sets come with a highlighter, lipstick and Ultra Glossy Lip. The Ursula highlighter is called Poor Unfortunate Souls:
It is a pale shimmery iridescent lavender that gives the skin a really nice glow. Definitely looks more purply in the pan than it does on the skin, but that's not a huge deal to me because if it were more purple on my face I think it'd look odd!

The Ultra Glossy Lip in this collection is called Sad But True. It's a clear gloss with a blue iridescence that really shows up better over a dark lipstick.
The gloss smells like vanilla cake and has a nice little brush tip applicator.
This is the first gloss I've tried from them, and I really like it! It wears for a good amount of time without being too sticky.

The Lux Lipstick in the Ursula Collection is called Ursula, and it is a matte blackened plum shade.
I love darker colors like this for the fall, so I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it right now. But I love this formula! It's very comfortable and not drying. It also glides on nice and smooth.

Now for the eyeshadow palette:
This is a 15 pan palette and it's got a great color selection! The first row to me is pretty neutral, then we've got some color, and the bottom row is all darks/jewel tones.

First row from left to right is:
No Spots - matte white
Mongrels - metallic champagne pink
Diablo - metallic lime
Devious - matte terracotta
Tragic - matte soft beige

Underworld - metallic bronzey copper
Pain & Panic - metallic gold with pink flecks
Forest of Thorns - shimmery orchid
Flotsam - metallic pale pink with blue glitters
The Fates - matte deep blue

Revenge - deep black with silver glitter
Sing - metallic dark brown with hot pink/gold duochrome sparkles
Jetsam - metallic blue-black with teal shift
Facile - metallic deep olive green with gold flecks
101 - matte charcoal

I've reviewed so many ColourPop palettes at this point that I don't know what else to say - I always love them! The Pain & Panic shade feels sort of gritty with those pink glitters in it, but it doesn't seem to hurt its performance. That's really the only thing that stands out to me as anything negative. The 101 color is described on the ColourPop site as a matte black, but it's definitely more gray than black. Other than that, everything applies and blends beautifully! I really like that there's a little something for any look in this palette. There's enough matte and neutral shades for a minimalistic daytime look, and then you have the really sparkly dark shades for a fancy night time eye! Definitely pick this one up if you're a fan of the colors - they won't disappoint!

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