Thursday, September 20, 2018

ColourPop Good Sport Palette

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The ColourPop Good Sport Palette seems to be their fall palette, so the colors are very fitting and perfect for this time of year!
It's one of their $16 12 pan palettes, which is the size they seem to do most often. I think it's a great deal for the awesome quality of the shadows that they offer.
Wild Out is a metallic warm champagne.
Hooky is a matte deep terracotta.
Rookie is a metallic burnt orange with blue glitter.
Sista is a matte violet.

Licious is a metallic bright yellow gold.
High Hopes is a matte peachy brown.
Reckless is a matte deep maroon.
Trooper is a matte marigold yellow.

Hooked is a metallic icy moss green.
Trophies is a matte blackened olive brown.
EBB is a bright metallic olive.
Flow is a matte dusty purple.

*I think in my palette Trophies and Flow are reversed - on their website the colors are in the opposite spots!*

As usual, the majority of this palette is amazing. Reckless is a little drier than the other mattes, but it is super pigmented and performs fine on the eyes. I have noticed that Sista and Flow need a little extra work just because they don't seem to adhere or blend as well, but they are definitely workable. very other color is great, especially the metallic - they are insanely pigmented!! That EBB shade is such a bright, awesome olive color and I absolutely love it. Yet another great palette from ColourPop!

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