Sunday, August 26, 2018

ColourPop x Kathleen Lights The Zodiac Palette

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 The Zodiac palette is the latest from ColourPop and the second collaboration they've done with Kathleen Lights.
They have been all over the place with the size of their palettes lately, but go back to the 12 pan layout with this one.
The Aries - shimmery orange
The Taurus - matte light tan
The Gemini - metallic light gold
The Cancer - champagne with a pink iridescent sheen

The Leo - metallic peach
The Virgo - matte dark brown
The Libra - matte peachy cream
The Scorpio - metallic berry

The Sagittarius - dark matte berry
The Capricorn - matte black with gold glitter
The Aquarius - matte cornflower blue
The Pisces - metallic seafoam

I always love ColourPop palettes and always rave about them. This one has some great colors, but is the only one I've found issues with when it comes to the more shimmery shades - it seems like they only apply well (to their full potential) when I use my finger. Not sure why that is, they just don't want to pick up well on a brush. They are super vibrant and pretty when applied with my finger, but I find when I use a brush I have to repeatedly go back for more product, and even then it's still not as pigmented on the lid as when I just take one dab with my finger. Not a total deal breaker, but a little weird nonetheless.

The Taurus, The Scorpio, and The Sagittarius are all shades I feel like we've seen in plenty of other ColourPop palettes before. I do plan on doing a comprehensive video comparing all of the ColourPop palettes that I have, because I feel like they repeat shades a lot in them. Once I upload that to YouTube I will be sure to post it on here as well!

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