Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Too Faced Diamond Light Multi-Use Diamond Fire Highlighter

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I apologize for the lack of updates recently, guys - my business has taken over my life! I have lots of reviews to put up so I'm trying to do them in batches. Today we have the Too Faced Diamond Light highlighter.

This retails for $34 so for one highlighter, that's kind of on the pricier side. BUT - look at that packaging! It is designed to look like a ring box and it's gorgeous.
The highlighter itself looks so cool. It is a pearly white base with swirls of iridescent green, yellow, pink, and blue. When applied and all swirled together, it makes a subtle blue/green shifting highlighter.
I do wish that this was a little more intense. You can definitely layer it over a cream highlighter to make it pop a little more, but for the most part it's just a very subtle highlight that's hard to build up in intensity. If you apply it with your fingers you will get the best intensity, but I definitely prefer applying highlighters with a brush, so whichever works better for you!
It is smooth and blends great with no chalkiness. I think with this one, the cool packaging makes up a little bit for the fact that it's not as intense or sparkly as you would hope a "diamond" highlighter would be! However, if you're a more natural highlight kind of person, you will LOVE this baby!

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