Monday, November 27, 2017

Lime Crime Hi-Lite Unicorns Palette

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The Lime Crime Unicorns palette is the 4th highlighter palette they've come out with. This one *might* be my favorite so far. Just a warning that it's super glittery, so if you're not a fan of a glittery highlight, you won't like any of the shades. BUT, the glitter is super duper fine, so it's something you can definitely get away with if you're not usually a fan of sparkly highlighters.
The packaging is the same as the last 3 palettes, but this one has more of a purply iridescence to it. Inside are 3 colors that, upon first glance, don't look like they would make particularly good highlighters. When you see the swatches, you'll see that they're actually quite wearable!

Happyland looks like a bright pink, but when swatched it is an iridescent pink with pink sparkles.
This is BEAUTIFUL! I think I've worn this one the most so far. It gives you a pinky glow with the gorgeous added sparkle. 

Frolic is an iridescent sparkly green:
Again, looks crazy in the pan but is absolutely gorgeous on the skin.

The third shade is Daydreamin', and this is definitely the most pigmented. The other two are more sheer while this is a metallic lavender with a gold sheen.

The formula on all 3 of these is pretty smooth and very blendable. They all pick up easily on a brush and are very effortless to apply. I am definitely partial to Happyland, but all 3 of these colors are gorgeous!

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