Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette

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I love this time of year because it means it's time to review the Kat Von D holiday palette! This year, it's Saint and Sinner.

I'm sure by now you've all seen the cathedral-inspired packaging, but let's just bask in its glory, shall we?
I love the way it opens! There's mirrors on both sides, which you can fold all the way back to make it a little easier to hold. I tend to always have whatever palette I'm using sitting on my vanity anyway, so that's really no big deal to me. Kat's holiday palettes are ALWAYS different, which I appreciate. Her brand stands out as one that definitely puts a lot of work into their packaging, especially when it comes to the holiday collections.

The first two shades are "topper" shades, as they're more sheer and super glittery. Absolution is a white gold sparkle, and Rapture is a pinky orange with pink and orange sparkles.

Worship is a deep plummy eggplant.
Immaculate is an olive with gold sheen.
Chalice is a metallic antique bronze.
Sacred Heart is a pearlescent coral.
Amen is a matte cream.

Sanctuary is a coffee brown pearl.
Heaven is a metallic silver.
Crucifix is a matte dark chocolate brown.
Cathedral is a gunmetal silver with bluish glitter.
Rosary is a metallic garnet.
Baptism is a matte pale pink.

Sabbath is a matte black.
Ashes is a matte taupe with gold glitter.
Martyr is a matte toffee.
Devil is a matte pumpkin orange.
Revelation is a matte brown with gold glitter.

Vestment is a shimmery deep maroon with a teal shift.
Ministry is a metallic cobalt blue.
Exodus is a chartreuse with gold glitter.
Exorcism is a matte deep purple.
Relic is a metallic yellow gold.
Stigmata is a metallic scarlet.

I wish that Devil was a matte true red instead of an orange, but everything else is perfection. The quality of this palette is out of this world, and I am so happy with the performance of all of these shadows. I think the standout shade for me is Ashes, because I just have nothing else like that in my collection. It's a matte taupe, but has gold glitter that actually sticks and transfers to the eye when you use it - that's hard to come by a lot of the time when you have a matte shade with glitter in it! Most of them either don't transfer to the eye, or as soon as you tap your brush the glitter will all fall right off.

All in all, if you can get your hands on this palette I would definitely recommend it!

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