Sunday, July 9, 2017

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

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Man oh man was this palette hard to get! Luckily since the hype of it being sold out the first couple of times, it's been announced that this palette will be permanent, so no worries if you missed it! I was able to snag mine from Sephora during the second release, but even though I have the 2 day shipping it still took almost 2 weeks for it to get to me. I'm thinking that Sephora didn't actually have them yet and just put them up for sale anyway, but that's neither here nor there. Let's get into the pictures!
There are 15 beautiful shadows inside, very fittingly all sunset-themed colors. Whenever I use this palette, no matter what combination of shadows I choose to use, it always looks like a sunset on my eyes. I LOVE that about this palette. This is perfect for summer, and even to carry into fall because of all the warm orangey hues.
Like the other ND palettes, this is a very sturdy faux leather feeling outer cover with a magnetic closure. Though I wouldn't WANT to drop it, I feel like it's durable enough that it wouldn't break. Are you ready for the swatches?
Atmosphere - metallic bronzey gold
Vulcano - matte chocolate brown
Bermuda - pale matte peach

Sinai - orangey tan with a satin finish
Aubade - metallic warm gold
Morgana - warm peach with a gold duochrome (my FAVORITE!)
Ice Gold - pale white satin. This is the only one that I'm not super impressed with.
Horizon - pale orange satin
Panjin - matte cranberry
Mandarine - metallic golden orange
Sundazed - metallic yellow gold
Igneous - matte deep brown
Bronzage - metallic deep bronze
Terra - satin brown with an orange undertone
Sol - matte buttercup yellow
The formula on these shadows is amazing. As stated, the only color that is just "okay" is the Ice Gold shade. Everything else is packed with pigment, amazingly smooth, and just wowza. I always say that I don't think ANY shadows are worth the amount of money that the ND brand charges, but if there has to be a brand of shadows that's worthy of that price tag, it's these. I love the Natasha Denona shadows so much, I can't even begin to explain!
The Sol color is so appropriate for summer. I love having that bright pop of color in this palette. That along with the cranberry Panjin shade really gives you those bold, bright matte shades that I think are needed in a palette like this. The metallic glittery shades are so creamy and blendable, and are nowhere near as messy as the ones in the Star palette were. As much as I love that palette as well, it's a pain to have to apply those with your fingers to get the best pigmentation out of them. This palette has zero shades that are like that, these are all just creamy, buttery goodness!

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