Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jeffree Star Chrome Collection

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I have 2 items from the Jeffree Star summer Chrome Collection to review today - one is awesome, one not so much! The first is this liquid lipstick in Candyass.

 It picks up a lot more red on camera for some reason, but in person it is a metallic light pink. It's a very pretty color, and the scent of it smells just like Jeffree's Strawberry Gum lip scrub. Apparently the 2 metallic lipsticks have that scent, and the rest of the ones in the collection are unscented. This wears amazingly and is really hard to get off, but I love the color so much!

Now I also picked up a Skin Frost and I don't know why I keep getting them, because I really don't like the formula. This one has got to be one of the worst. I guess I just keep hoping that they'll finally change the formula because the texture is just awful! The shade I picked up is Crystal Ball, a white with pink and purple duochrome:
The packaging is gorgeous - it's mirrored pink chrome. But the product itself is chunky and unblendable. You swatch it and it just wants to stick to your finger and not blend out. 
I found that layering it and layering it with a brush gives a better result, but it's honestly too much work for what these are priced at.

Final thoughts? I love the lipstick, hate the highlighter. I keep seeing so many people praise the Skin Frosts and I just don't understand it. This is the 4th one I've tried, and they all have this horrible texture that won't blend, like there's too much dimethicone in it. At any rate, I hope you guys enjoyed this review!

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