Monday, June 5, 2017

Lime Crime Hi-Lite Blossoms Palette

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Not too long ago, Lime Crime released the Opals Hi-Lite palette, and they just came out with the Blossoms one as well! I loved the Opals, so I knew I needed to pick this one up.
I have to say that as soon as I opened this, I was nervous about the colors. They look a hell of a lot darker in the pans in person than they do on the website. However, once applied they are much lighter and work well even on my pale self!

Just like with the Opals palette, there's no funky names here. The colors are Warm Gold, Lavender and Sunset.

Warm Gold has almost a peachy-tinge to it. So much less scary on the skin than I thought it was going to be! It looks like a dark bronze in the pan.

Lavender is such a fun, pretty shade. It leans much more to the pink side than purple, and is light enough to use as a highlighter, though I prefer it as a blush topper.

Sunset is my favorite in this palette. This is an orangey/pink duochrome shade. It's another one I didn't think would work on me as a highlighter, but it's awesome!

The formula on all 3 of these is smooth, buttery, and blends out nicely. I've worn them each on all-day long outings, and they've all held up well for me throughout an entire day! I like mixing them to see what other colors I can create with them - that's probably the best thing about little palettes like these!

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